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Citizen service for the Directorate of Pensions, Provident Fund and Gratuity (DPPG)
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Pension Can be checked by (1) Selecting District (2) Pension Category such as Primary / Secondary /etc (3) Search Option any one of (i) Last Name (Title) Date or (ii) DPPG File Number or (iii) DI/PSA Memo No. and Date.

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Citizen service for the Directorate of Pensions, Provident Fund and Gratuity (DPPG)

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   Government notification for setting up of the Directorate of Pension, Provident Fund & Group Insurance under the administrative control and jurisdiction of Finance Department was issued vide No.11169-F dated 16.09.1983 and it started functioning in the year 1984 with Municipal Pension cases only. Director or any other Officer in his office at Purta Bhavan, Salt Lake, Kolkata-91 authorised by him was declared to act as ‘Audit Officer’ for the purpose of the audit of pension cases and issue of Pension Payment Orders in respect of individual retired/deceased employee.The objective of the State Government as well as of this Directorate is to handover Pension Payment Order to the employees of Non-Government Educational Institutions on the date of superannuation or immediately before it. In order to achieve this Objective steps have been taken to fully compulsory the system of issuing Pension Payment Order to the concerned employer. Incidentally this Directorate also audits the Pension cases of Municipalities, Panchayats and certain other Organisations.
Computerization Process of DPPG activities was started by National Informatics Centre (NIC), Kolkata and the Computerization of Pension System at DPPG is successfully operational for more than 12 years. As a continuous process to enhance the application software and upgradation with emerging technologies, a new application software ‘Pension Management System’ has been developed and implemented by NIC, Kolkata , based on the work flow of DPPG for Pension File & Pension Payment Order (PPO) processing. This application software records and monitors file receiving to PPO/RM issue/despatch including auditing information, Pension calculation and PPO printing. All existing ROPA rules for pension has been incorporated in the software. There are several reports and queries available in the software for the users of DPPG.
For benefits of the Citizen, DPPG has taken steps to implement web based DPPG Pension file status query service with technical guidance of NIC. Pension File query service is available through Finance Department, Government of West Bengal website ( to the Citizen. Pensioners can know the status of processing of their Pension Files sent by Pension Sanctioning Authorities (PSAs) by entering their respective District, category of Pension and any one of following three options:
(a) DI/PSA Memo number & Memo Date OR
(b) Last Name & Date of Birth of the Pensioner OR
(c) DPPG File Number.

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Citizen service for the Directorate of Pensions, Provident Fund and Gratuity (DPPG)