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  1. sukumar mondal
    sukumar mondal at | | Reply

    what posision of my pension paper

    1. Tarun
      Tarun at | | Reply

      Can You Please share the exact navigation for status checking, I have traversed this web site , but cant get the pension status option.

    2. kartick chandra singharoy
      kartick chandra singharoy at | | Reply

      send all paper dt.18/3/13 in purta bhaban, 2nd floor, kol.-91
      memo no.98. i want to know the position of the pension file.

  2. sukhendu sekhar das
    sukhendu sekhar das at | | Reply

    Respected sir, My pension file no. Is PRI/BIR/00262/2012 and when I want to see the status of my pension file then I can see that pension file received and assigned .There is no change in my pension file status. I can not understand my pension file has moved or not. Kindly let me know the actual position of my pension file status.

    Thanking You
    Yours faith fully
    Sukhendu sekhar das

  3. Nirmalya kumar Biswas
    Nirmalya kumar Biswas at | | Reply

    Respected sir, For my pension I submited several times Memo No.235/DIS/PE/Slg Dated 7/6/2012 but I got no result. I am a teacher of Siliguri Educational Distict. Please help me how I can know the pension status through Computerized pention management system.
    Thanking you
    yours faithfuly
    Nirmalya Kumar Biswas

  4. swapan banerjee
    swapan banerjee at | | Reply

    Asok Sahah retired on 31/03/2012. Pension File No. – PRI/HGL/00085/2012. shows received & assigned from 13/02/2012 to today. But many teachers retired on 31/01/2013 already PPO received.

  5. Kalpana Das
    Kalpana Das at | | Reply

    I want to know the status of the file: PRI/HGL/0295/2009/Revised

    1. Ranjit kumar Das
      Ranjit kumar Das at | | Reply

      I want to know the status of the file, file No.PRI/BAN/1030/18/8/11

  6. aipudi raghunath
    aipudi raghunath at | | Reply

    please give my pension status (PPO No;08/14/B/03172/2001

  7. adipudi raghunath
    adipudi raghunath at | | Reply

    please convey my status of pension (PPO No:08/14/03172/2001)

  8. Bhaktasingh allay
    Bhaktasingh allay at | | Reply

    pension status of file PRI/DJL/00077/2012

  9. kaustave ganguli . s . o late tusher kanti ganguli memo 2420 dt.o9. o4. 15.

    Pension status of file pri. Msd. 0351. 2009. Revice pension.

  10. madan mohan sahu
    madan mohan sahu at | | Reply

    sir mere primeri school head master the so how much painson

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